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Celebratory Event 2022

Through the grace of God on Monday 7 November 2022, our Parish held a celebratory event to commemorate two occasions; thanking everyone who served tireless and supported during the Annual Church Festival and the 30th Anniversary of Priesthood of our beloved Very Rev Fr Youhanna Samuel.

During the night a true sense of unity, love and joy was felt amongst the children, youth and elders of our congregation. The night consisted of many aspects that honoured the service and dedication of Fr Youhanna & Tasoni Sohair, with choir presentations, speeches, a poem and gifts presented. On behalf of the congregation, an original icon of Christ and St John the Beloved, commissioned and written by Iconographer Mr Mekhaiel Rezkalla was presented to Fr Youhanna.

We are truly forever indebted and thankful to Fr Youhanna’s fatherhood and spiritual guidance to his flock. We pray that Christ continues to bless, guide and protect him in his Priesthood. We also thank those who supported our Parish during the Annual Church Festival and pray that Christ rewards and blesses them for their efforts.

Recognition was also made to Mr Atef Hanna and Mr Sameh Ghobrial for their dedicated service in the Board of Deacons and Annual Church Festival Committee, respectively.

May our gracious Lord continue to unite, strengthen and bless our Parish Family! #stmarkscocmelb



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