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Feast of Nayrouz 2020

Coptic New Year - 1737

‘The martyrs will come bearing their afflictions, and the righteous will come bearing their virtues.’ - Conclusion of Watos Theotokia

Wishing you all a blessed Feast of Nayrouz! May our Lord begin the Coptic New Year in goodness and renew it for us in His peace and tender mercy.

As Tertullian famously said, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church." The church was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Crown of the martyrs. The Apostles who taught the faith also defended with their blood. Even to the present day, the Church is still offering martyrs for the sake of the faith.

We are blessed that our church altars carry the names of two great martyrs in St Mark the Apostle and St Demiana the Bride of Christ. May we be continually supported by their strong intercession and may the Lord accept our prayers which we offer upon their altars.



לא היה ניתן לטעון את התגובות
נראה שהייתה בעיה טכנית. כדאי לנסות להתחבר מחדש או לרענן את הדף.
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