Holy Week Contemplations

Lazarus Saturday to Tuesday of Pascha

The readings of Monday of Holy Week begin right where it all started, Genesis 1. We reflect on God’s marvellous creation, especially focusing on God’s relationship with Man, His most precious creation. We read the Story of Creation to remind us of God’s plan to restore Man’s corrupted nature.

‘Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.’ - Genesis 1:31

The Ninth Hour Commentary of Monday is a beautiful dialogue between God and Adam. Adam thanks and praises God for the work of His impeccable hands, then offers a prayer of repentance to His Creator for defiling His blessed creation. Let us say with Adam, ‘Remember me O Lord. From dust I am and like the herbs of the field you gave me the prowess of Your power and diminished my humility.’

We also read of the fig tree, which Jesus and His disciples encounter along their journey, which symbolises the sin of hypocrisy. Thus, in this blessed week, let us offer to Christ genuine hearts, filled with love for Him, and not hearts of stone and hypocrisy like the Jews. Indeed, Passion Week is full of many interesting characters - characters so rich that we can examine their lives and stories for years on end with every Holy Week that passes.

Let us see and observe Lazarus’ tomb:

Lord, You have dominion over heaven and earth, over all the living and the dead. As You were able to raise Lazarus after four days, raise my heart also from the death of sin.