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Major Easing of COVID Restrictions

To our beloved and blessed congregation,

It is through the Grace of God and with great joy that we warmly welcome the recent further and significant easing of restrictions by the State Government of Victoria. The restrictions announced mean that capacity limits are no longer enforced and that the church can return to its normal capacity as was prior to March 2020 - with no bookings needed and no limit. Masks will not need to be worn indoors but services for people with a Fully Vaccinated or Unknown Status will need to be separate and these services will be stipulated as we go.

This pandemic has seen many trials and tribulations and has not been easy for anyone of any age. At our parish alone we lost many of our beloved congregation and were not able to pay our respects in person and farewell them as we would’ve liked - but we trust in our Lord that they are in a far better place. Many children started their life on earth during this pandemic without a proper connection to the church, smelling the incense, hearing the hymns and being around a loving Christian community. It is no doubt that many people suffered martial, familial, financial and spiritual stresses during this time.

Above all these tribulations we must continue to remember that as children of a gracious and loving Lord, we are not alone. Our Lord uses these tribulations to refine us, knock on our doors, bring us back to Him and dedicate time to forming a solid relationship with Him.

With a great amount of spare time many of us turned to God more than ever during this pandemic - giving thanks and praying for a resolution, guidance and protection. Now that we are near normalcy and our lives will become busier we must continue to dedicate an ample amount of time to God in our homes through prayer and the reading of the Holy Bible.

The church is grateful to everyone for their cooperation and patience during this time. We understand that there were some rules and restrictions that did not allow us to serve and open our church as we normally would. We thank our clergy, deacons and servants who kept the services going and brought the church into everyone’s homes.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at church as normal - May God bless and protect you all!



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