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Update 1.0 | Factory Building Demolition

Dear beloved Congregation,

As announce over the last few months, our Parish is in the works of moving forward with our Future Project.

Purchased by our Parish in 2004 for future growth, the time has now come to purse expanding our facilities inline with the growing congregation and services. Our Future Project will take its course steadily and in unity. The first stage of this project is the demolition of the factory building. Allowing for the immediate need of additional parking and recreational space. Over the next two weeks we will begin emptying the factory of its contents into a shipping container for temporary storage.

To support the first stage we kindly ask for your prayers, donations and physical help. Two working bees will be held on Wednesday 29 March 2023 from 5pm and Saturday 1 April 2023 from 11:30am. Donations can be made in person on Sundays or online via Direct Debit or Bank Transfer - please add "Project" as the payment description.

For further information visit

Thank you for your ongoing support and please keep our Parish and this project in your prayers!#stmarkscocmelb


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