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Update 2.0 | Factory Building Demolition

Dear beloved Congregation,

Through God's grace and with your help, great progress has been made over the last week emptying the factory building with only 10% left to go.

Utility companies have attended the site in preparation to disconnected gas, water and electricity to the building. God willing, we will utilise the empty factory space during Passion Week as parking under the supervision of the Parking Management Servants.

Through your generous donations we have raised $16,664 of our $150,000 goal towards the demolition.

We kindly ask for your continued support through prayer and donation. Donations can be made in person on Sundays or online via Direct Debit or Bank Transfer using "Project" as the description.

For further information visit

Thank you for your ongoing support and please keep our Parish and this project in your prayers!#stmarkscocmelb


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