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A Prayer for the New Year

Bless the crown of the year, with Your goodness O Lord...

Lord, make it a blessed year, a pure year to please You. A year in which Your Spirit prevails and joins in working with us. Hold our hands and guide our thoughts from the beginning of the year till its end.

Let this year be Yours, to please You. It is a New Year, spotless; let us not spoil it with our sins or impurities. Lord, be with us in every work we intend to do this year. Let us rejoice in all Your deeds, and say with John the Evangelist: “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” - John 1:3

Let this year, O Lord, be a happy year, put a smile on each face and gladden every heart. Let Your grace emerge in our trials and help those who are tempted. Grant us peace and quietness of mind. Give those who are in need, cure the sick and console the grieved.

We do not ask You, God, only for ourselves, but we ask for the all, because they are Yours. You created them to rejoice in You, then make them happy with You. We ask You for the Church, for Your mission, that Your word may reach every heart. We ask you for our country, for the world’s peace that Your Kingdom may come everywhere.

Let it be a fruitful year, full of goodness, everyday and every hour has its own work. Do not allow a futile moment. Fill our life with activity, work, and production. Grant us the blessing of a productive and holy toil. Let the communion of the Holy Spirit be with us in all our deeds.

We thank you, God, for you have kept us till this hour and granted us this year, that we may bless You. Amen!

- A Prayer for the New Year by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III



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