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Visit of Tasoni Mariam Aboud - Wife of Martyr Fr Mina Aboud

On Wednesday 17 January 2024, in a deeply moving spiritual talk, Tasoni Mariam Aboud, the wife of the late Fr Mina Aboud who was tragically martyred in El Arish, Egypt in 2013, shared an intimate and inspiring account of her husband's life and enduring legacy.

With profound grace and strength, she spoke about Fr Mina's unwavering faith, his dedication to his community, his profound impact on those around him and the many miracles that have taken place since his martyrdom. Tasoni Mariam's words painted a vivid picture of a man deeply committed to his spiritual calling, one who served with humility and love, touching the lives of many.

Her talk was not just a tribute to her beloved husband, but also a powerful testimony to the strength, resilience and comfort Christ has graced and blessed her with! #stmarkscocmelb 



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