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Annual Sunday School Camp 2023

Through the grace of God and the blessings of St Mark, our Parish held its Annual Sunday School Camp 2023 from Sunday 29 September till Sunday 1 October at Allambee Camp.

The site was beautifully placed on top of a mountain, where Divine Liturgy was prayed outdoors for the first time. The picturesque mountains raised the hearts and minds in prayer.

The Primary School “Army of God” (2 Tim 2:3-4) soldiered on their activities of archery, flying fox, ninja bootcamp and climbing wall like true heroes. They were taught that we are the army of God, and whose side are we on? And once that was known, they learnt about the full armour of God and how to put it on!

Meanwhile, High School learned all about being rooted in Christ. They returned to their Egyptian roots in their costume party where the galabeya’s and pharaonic costumes were proudly displayed.

The servants gave excellent topics on our identity in Christ, how privileged and different we are to the world. They answered and discussed all the relevant issues and topics that may challenge that precious identity.

The sunny, warm weather meant a lot of outdoor fun such as the flying fox, billy cart races (usually ended in capsizing) and of course, a major water fight; no one was safe, except those who quietly chose to watch the AFL Grand Final.

Exhausted, but in great spirits all returned safely to church on Sunday and are looking forward to next years’ camp in 2024.

May the Lord bless all who attended and served during this camp! #stmarkscocmelb



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