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Church Update - A/V System Upgrade

Arabic Church & English Church

Through the Grace of God, the church has completed a much needed upgrade of our Audio/Visual System in both the Arabic Church and English Church.

Many parishioners would've noticed over the last few years with the old system in the Arabic Church the presence of extreme static, interference and feedback during services. This was due to high frequency congestion around our church on the old analogue system.

As technology advances to combat these types of interferences - a Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless system was installed in both our churches, together with new digital audio mixers. These systems work via a digital connection using the 1.9GHz band rather than analogue which can interfere with the radios used by tram drivers on Gilbert Rd. This technology is the best of the best and is intended to service our church for many many years to come.

In addition to the wireless microphone upgrades, the Arabic Church received an upgrade to its Video System which now allows for more inputs such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast to cater for anyone presenting or needing to cast from a device. As well as the relocation of the Equipment Rack from inside the Altar, where the high concentration of incense effects and ruins the equipment, to the side storage cupboard that is sealed and protected.

The English Church also received an additional upgrade of two powerful speakers now mounted on either side at the front - removing previous distortion and allowing for a more projected sound.

The A/V System is one of the most used equipments in the church, allowing us to pray liturgies, funerals, weddings and more. Previously used equipment that has been removed served our church well, some items for nearly 30 years and we hope and pray that through the blessings of God the upgraded items will serve for many more!

If you would like to take the blessings of this project and donate you can do so via the details below:

General Account (Non TD) BSB: 083-004 Acc No: 50 073 5628 Building Fund Account (TD) BSB: 083-817 Acc No: 73 915 0154

To donate via PayPal

May God bless you all! Please keep the church in your prayers!



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